The new DynaX5

The DynaX5 is an ultra light 5-axis gyro stabilised head for unshakable stability. It was designed from ground up to support many different camera and lens options, allowing for changing payload in minimal rigging time, even in the field.

Using a state of the art fibre-slipring, the DynaX5 can supply up to 6 SDI channels (4x 3G 4K, 1x 3G Preview and 1x GEN-LOCK into gimbal) and 2 fibre channels (for bidirectional camera to CCU communication). In addition a Gigabit Ethernet connection is also provided.

Compatibility via industry standard mounts for

  • helicopters
  • cranes
  • gyrocopters
  • cars
  • ultralight/light-sport aircraft
  • quads
  • UAVs/drones
  • boats
  • snowmobiles
  • cable & spider cam systems