The new DynaX5

The DynaX5 is a lightweight 5-axes gyro-stabilised camera gimbal. It is optimised for Film/TV productions with Ultra Lights, UAVs/drones, cable cams, helicopters and light aircrafts. The innovative design allows for easy exchange of cameras. DynaX5 combines weight-optimised precision with flexibility in use.

The Future is Light

Through advances in technology, camera weights are constantly being reduced. The DynaX5 allows you to capitalise on this, offering a unique ultra light stabilisation platform that opens up applications on light aircraft, drones, light cable systems, cranes and where weight comes at a premium, in addition to conventional helicopter uses. Core feature of the DynaX5 is the exchangeability of camera and lenses, providing you with an economic and future proof platform that will optimise your return on investment.

Gyrocopter with DynaX5 gimbal mounted