The highlights at the IBC Show

Zero Emission Marathon Tracking Vehicle -
another world novelty in Broadcast and Cine productions

WIM ROBBERECHTS has a developed a very compact turnkey solution for sports events, such as marathons, providing the DynaX5 5-axis stabilized head, including 4K option, and a live video uplink.

A zero-emission tracking vehicle solution - perfect for sports events

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The first Zero Emission Snowmobile -
a world novelty in Broadcast and Cine productions

HS-DynaX5 Cam Solution GmbH presents the first electrical Snowmobile equipped with a 5 axis camera stabilization and real-time video transmission system. The Gimbal can be equipped with various Broadcast and Cine cameras and lenses.

The next winter games in a new perspective

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HS-DynaX5 Cam Solution GmbH

DynaX5 is ready for 4k

- 5-axis stabilized remote head
- Super lightweight (~ 60lbs incl. payload)
- Perfect for R44 / R66, cranes and cars
- Auto-Horizon and Lookdown
- One fits All – Broadcast and Cine Setup
- Not ITAR/EAR restricted