World first Certification for commercial aerial-filming Gyrocopter

Following the successful certification by the UK Civil Aviation Authority for the German Built Cavalon Pro Gyrocopter, our client BeyondHD (Pinewood Studios, England) confirmed the successful CAA certification of the DynaX5 gimbal together with a custom designed hydraulic mount.

The system is exclusively operated by BeyondHD and allows the DynaX5 and camera/lens combinations of up to 28Kg to have full 360 unobstructed pans under the aircraft.

...this has been a wonderful example of how three companies working together, can turn a concept into a world first for aerial filming. The first new genre of aircraft to have been certified for commercial operations in more than 15 years, is truly an outstanding achievement and is set to revolutionise the quality and price point to which aerial filming can be carried out

Keith Harding, MD of BeyondHD

BeyondHD have worked tirelessly to bring the concept together and we are very proud to be their partner and that of Autogyro for a ground-breaking price and weight point for the very highest performance in 5Axis gimbals. Of course, our Gimbal is not specific to just the Gyrocopter and is already gaining a great reputation for Helicopters and BeyondHD have successfully run trials on both their Cayenne camera car and their unique electric camera quad bike.