The DynaX5

The DynaX5 is an ultra light 5-axis gyro stabilised head for unshakable stability. It was designed from ground up to support many different camera and lens options, allowing for changing payload in minimal rigging time, even in the field.


Using a state of the art fibre-slipring, the DynaX5 can supply up to 6 SDI channels (4x 3G 4K, 1x 3G Preview and 1x GEN-LOCK into gimbal) and 2 fibre channels (for bidirectional camera to CCU communication). In addition a Gigabit Ethernet connection is also provided.

Highlights of the DynaX5

Advanced Controls

touch-screen enhanced operating panel with Soft-RCP functions and SDI overlay


advanced steering with look down capability and hands-off advanced autohorizon


easily integrated into a wide range of mounting platforms

Fast Setup

a plug and play system that rigs up fast and is ready to fly with minimal setup time


compatible with most FAA & EASA approved aircraft mounts

No Restrictions

no ITAR restrictions or EAR licencing requirements

Easy Transport

gimbal transport in just 2 boxes, each below 32 kg (71 lbs). No disassembly of the turret for transportation required


very small and lightweight PowerBox

Compatible with many applications

The DynaX5 can be mounted right-side-up, or up-side-down, using industry standard mounts. Adapters for proprietary mounts available on request.


600 x 500 x 480 mm (24 x 20 x 19”)

Operating Panel
150 x 480 x 240 mm (6 x 19 x 9”)

55 x 230 x 270 mm (2 x 9 x 11”)

Gimbal Transport Box
1000 x 650 x 460 mm (39 x 26 x 18“)

Accessory Transport Box
850 x 560 x 460 mm (33 x 22 x 18“)

*H x W x D

Gimbal Movement Range & Interfaces

Gimbal Movement Range
Pan: 360⁰ horizontal (continuous)
Tilt: 260⁰ vertical (symmetrical)
Roll: ± 45⁰ roll/horizon

SDI 1.5G/3G/6G/12G (HDMI via Monitor)
SDI 6G/12G Options available
DynaX5 AUX Connector for Power & Communication

Environmental & Power supply

Operating temperature: -10 °C..+40 °C (+14 °F..+104 °F)

Power supply
Voltage: 20..32 VDC
Maximum Current*: 15 A
Typical Current*: 5 A
Quiescent Current*: 2 A

Weights (standard set up)

Weights (standard set up)
Turret*: 21 kg (46.3 lbs)
Turret incl. payload*: 26..32 kg (57.3..70 lbs)
Operating Panel: 5 kg (11.0 lbs)
Powerbox: 2 kg (4.4 lbs)

*depending on camera payload

Operating Panel

Key features

Ergonomic, user friendly and lightweight

Integrated 7.7" HD monitor with zebra/histo/waveform

Integrated touchscreen for remote control of cameras

Integrated HD/UHD/4K SSD recorder

SDI overlay

Optional dedicated Broadcast RCP

Steerable, advanced auto horizon

Automatic reduction of joystick sensitivity with zoom rate

Display of absolute lens values

Control of ENG lens extender

Intuitive menu controls of the DynaX5, with options to save customised setups for individual users

Steering via integrated joystick, drift-knobs, external devices, or computer controlled

AUX port for third-party devices, such as handwheels, joysticks, focus-puller remotes, etc.

Optional features

Ethernet and wireless kit for remote radio control of gimbal and integrated camera

Control interface for timed/automated computer controlled movements (motion control)

Other features on request

Modular System

The DynaX5 can be easily configured and rigged to your application. With the modular approach the following elements can be configured, even right there on set or in the field:

As required, different adapters can be fitted to the gimbal to attach it to just about any industry standard mount

Various camera-kits are available for the DynaX5, which allows easy and fast integration of a camera into the gimbal - within minutes

Our flexible lens kits allow for very fast exchange of lenses. The supplied lens-motors can be adjusted quickly to a wide range of lens diameters, so your rigging time is minimized cancan be done even on the field

4. Operating Panel - GOP
The GOP’s touch-screen software is profile based, allowing to quickly load various camera and lens setups. Additional devices, such as a camera RCP, can be attached to the GOP’s accessory-plate

Camera & Lens Options

DynaX5 supports a wide range of CINE and BROADCAST cameras and lenses for your specific needs. A software RCP (remote camera control panel) is provided from the DynaX5 operating panel.
*Kits for other cameras and lenses on request



ARRI Alexa Mini
RED DSMC-1 & DSMC-2 brains
Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini/Pro


ARRI Alura 30-80, 15.5-45
ARRI/Fujinon 14-35, 19-90 , 20-120 & 85-300
Angénieux Optimo 15-40, 28-76 & 45-120
Angénieux Optimo Style 16-40 & 30-76
Canon CN7x17
Canon CN-E30-105
Zeiss CZ.2 28-80, 70-200, 21-100



Sony HDC-P1/a, HXC-P70
Grass Valley LDX C82
Ikegami HDL-4500
Hitachi DK-H200
*4K Options available


Canon HJ 18/22/24 Series
Canon CJ 12/20 (UHD) Series
Fujinon HA 18/22/23/25 Series
Fujinon UA 18/22 (UHD) Series